Fever Screening Thermal Turret Camera

Fever Screening Thermal Turret Camera

Integrated with intelligent video applications such as line crossing and intrusion detection, these cameras can automatically trigger an alert and at the same time.

Hikvision Thermal bi-spectrum deep learning Turret Camera

The new Hikvision thermal bi-spectrum deep learning turret camera has been designed to bring enhanced capabilities of indoor fire detection, including an advanced temperature anomaly alarm and visual warning. This new cost-effective camera (DS-2TD1217/V1 Series) reduces the risks of fire and property loss.
The bi-spectrum image technology creates a picture-in-picture preview and image fusion, which can capture what caused the alarm and help personnel to check the situation quickly. It monitors through only one channel, reducing bandwidth and simplifying the live preview procedure of switching channels between thermal and optical channels.
The bi-spectrum image fusion function also provides more image details under different environmental circumstances, making it easier to find hidden objects and document unusual events.

Thermal Camera

The Thermal Cameras are extremely amazing. These cameras create the image from the heat passed from any object passed by – it can be a vehicle or person. Thermal Camera react well in the low light conditions, for example, the shadow, backdrop illumination, murkiness and so on… also, where it deliver pictures that empower the clients to distinguish and follow up on the circumstances all through.
Over the last several years, the CCTV technology advancement is incredible. Moving with the technology trends and with the advanced IP cameras. Hikvision cameras are advanced and have been designed to meet the varied security challenges. Due to its enhanced functionalities, the Hikvision cameras are the most preferred one by the industries and the residences. Several genre of cameras are in the store and it include the onboard, thermal, panoramic, modular type network cameras designed for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance needs.